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Miami's most Creative Live Session Videos

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If you need a live recording, hey man don't fret just do it with us. Whether you are a solo artist, a full band or are pursuing a career in kazoo. We got you covered. Full band live recordings with video starting at $500

Custom Set Design

We offer custom set design for your live recording that can scale to practically any budget, from sultry bohemian fabric backdrops to a 1/128 scale miniature city inevitably destroyed by a sea monster, We can do it. 

comp CK.gif

Cannibal City featured

our largest set to date


Over 150 drywall & cardboard buildings

Streets lined with vehicles, greenery, and the occasional innocent bystander

Landmarks that commemorate important memories in Cannibal Kids life

Other sets we're proud of

Set Design for Mustard Service
"Casa de Mostaza"

comp MS.gif

Set Design for Madame Ki
"Rococo Forest"

madame ki (2).gif

Set Design for Dinner Time 
"Grandma's House"

comp DT 2.gif

Set Design for LH & The Hero
"Space Whip"

2020 6 16 Hero Spacewhip .gif

Audio Recording

We offer highly tailored live recordings tracked and mixed in house. Pairing high-fidelity sound with unique visuals, an Ionit Studios live recording is an incomparable digital experience.

rack png

Check some of our Recent work


We are also capable of running livestreams for virtual performances. Create uniquely branded live content for your fans over the internet with us! 

dinner time gif.gif
Ionit Studios Live streams virtual concert dinnertime iotv
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