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Miami's most Resourceful Set Crew

 We use practical effects to custom build dynamic sets for many of our projects, further immersing the audience in the visual story.

We can source and fabricate any ideas you can imagine.

Set Design for Cannibal Kids "Cannibal City"

Ionit Studios Cannibal Kids IOTV Cannibal City

Cannibal City featured

our largest set to date


150 painted drywall & cardboard buildings

Streets lined with vehicles, greenery, and the occasional innocent bystander

Landmarks that commemorate important memories in Cannibal Kids life

Working with a

$500 budget for the entire city.

Set Design for Mustard Service "Casa de Mostaza"

2020 11 27 IOTV 8 Mustard Service Live Set 2_2.gif

Mustard Service’s Casa De Mostaza combines their flagrant, boyish charm, with retro shapes and color combinations. 

Oh, and also ham bone.


Other sets we're proud of

Set Design for Mustard Service
"Casa de Mostaza"

comp MS.gif

Set Design for Madame Ki
"Rococo Forest"

madame ki (2).gif

Set Design for Dinner Time 
"Grandma's House"

comp DT 2.gif

Set Design for LH & The Hero
"Space Whip"

2020 6 16 Hero Spacewhip .gif

Check some of our Recent work

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